The Internet Index

Number 11
Inspired by "Harper's Index"*
Compiled by Win Treese (
11 November 1995

Here is Internet Index #11 annotated with sources and the directory of all editions.

Number of former Venezuelan presidents using the Internet while under house arrest: 1

Cost, per day, of Gatorade's ad on ESPN's Web site: $822
Cost, per day, of an ad on CompuServe's Web site: $333

According to President Clinton, percentage of public schools in California that will be on the Internet by March, 1996: 100

Number of new country domains registered during August, 1995: 2

As of 1996, annual cost for an Internet domain name: $50

Number of daily newspapers in Iran with Web sites: 2

Number of licenses awarded by Singapore for public Internet access services: 3

Best estimate of number of Internet users in July, 1995: 20-30 million

Percentage of public libraries (serving populations of 100,000 or more) offering Internet access: 25
Percentage providing assistance for Internet users: 5

Impact Online's suggested donation for online recipes to benefit children without access to computers: $12

Number of Internet mailing lists known to the Indiana University Support Center: 12,850

Number of Web sites organizing the Web using the Dewey Decimal system: 1

Number of airlines with Web sites: 42

Number of Internet service providers, worldwide: over 1400

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